What’s Your Security Blanket?!

Gooooooooooooooooooooooood Wednesday morning all!

Hope the week has been treating you well since we are now mid-July, the middle of the season for movement! And with movement and transition comes the need for some security.


Well, here’s my “official” return to blogging and confession for the summer, I have a security blanket! Yes, I admit it! It’s a green fleece throw that has become my covering at night, whether I’m sleeping on a bed, a couch, or in a chair…which is not too far from the truth these days. But, for me, despite it being summer in the South, this is my “must-have” at bed time and it comforts me. It’s the one object that has been a constant this spring and summer, reassuring me no matter what is going on or changing around me, I’m still me and I’m gonna be ok.

Soooooooooooooo, my question for you today is…what’s your security blanket? Is it a purse or messenger bag, a favorite coffee cup/mug/tumbler, your laptop or cell phone, or stuffed toy animal…or like me, an actual pillow or blankie? What’s the one thing that comforts you and keeps you grounded during a tough time or a period of change and movement?


Well, there’s been a whole lot of STUFF going on lately…and it definitely drives you to search for some sense of security in this very insecure/unsecured world we live in. I don’t even want to go into the events behind that statement, because we are all aware of them or of bits and pieces about them. [And no, I didn’t need to watch a video to be disturbed about our unraveling world.] But, if there’s one song that best sums up the mood of the day, it’s this one:

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (1971)

About two years ago, I created a weekly email for a few coworkers as a distraction, a way to find some relief from the stresses of work. Well, that weekly email continues on and now offers a little “hump day” break from the stresses of life. With that said, I’m bringing a slightly edited version of my weekly email to the public through this blog [finally]! I hope you enjoy the tunes that accompany them as it’s become a pseudo “music show” where I play DJ, sharing favorite old and new tunes to speak to emotions or groove to during the work day – like the song above and the one below.

As for a mental break from the social events of today, there are other newsworthy events to track, like sports.  The Summer Olympics are coming up, and I think we are (or were) just in the midst of a huge soccer – or football/futbol – tournament. Sooooooooooo, here’s a song that is so not related to anything other than soccer and fun and some crazy dance moves.

With that said, here’s a tune by a very popular duo from Nigeria and a pretty cool video to match! I wouldn’t even know where to begin to master moves like these dancers :-O

P-Square – Shekini (2014)

And, that brings this return to blogging and another week’s email (music show) to a close. Just know it’s all good to have that one thing that gives you comfort during insecure times!


Until the next, peace.

[DJ Lady Luck]


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