Someday at Christmas…

It’s been just over six months since my last post, and – as usual – too much has happened in between then and now to try to summarize those events or my thoughts, reactions, and responses to them all.  However, I couldn’t let 2016 close out with just one post on the books, so here goes:

“Someday at Christmas, man will not fail,
Hate will be gone, and love will prevail,
Someday, a new world that we can start,
With hope in every heart.”

-From “Someday at Christmas” by Stevie Wonder.

The song “Someday at Christmas” by Stevie Wonder encapsulates, to this day STILL, the hopes many of us hold for humanity and our planet. Hard to maintain at times if you follow the progressively troubling news headlines over the last few years, and yet hope remains – it is resilient. Because we are.

And if 2016 has taught me anything, it’s this:  be sensible yet listen to your heart, remain true to yourself, and stay steadfast to your hopes and dreams.  From weathering a few tough storms – family medical emergencies and periods of personal financial insecurity, I’ve been rewarded with a momentary peace of mind and a glimpse of hope’s light at the end of a very dark tunnel. I have “rounded the corner” on what felt like multiple seasons of drought, and I believe 2017 will hold open doors and opportunities that are made just for me.

Someday at Christmas… may we all live with intention and act in kindness according to the Creator’s purpose on our lives, operating to our fullest potential and highest calling.


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