Goooooooooooooooooooood Wednesday, my new listeners!

This is DJ Lady Luck, Ms. Lucretia King’s “Wednesday alter ego” – her musical messenger of hope, of dreams, of lessons learned, of social commentary, of fresh sounds to explore! I know she briefly mentioned me in a post last year titled “What’s Your Security Blanket?!” And let’s just say, I’ve been around long enough to become a reliable habit of hers…

Which brings me to my public debut! And what better time than at the start of a new year to try something…well, new. Now, for my regulars – no worries, you’ll continue to get (somewhat) weekly broadcasts of my show! However, on this public format, your lady DJ will be coming to y’all on a Wednesday – not necessarily on every Wednesday in a month, but it’ll hit your inbox on a Wednesday, for sure.

So, let’s kick off this “online” version of my “show” with an artist to become enamored with – Yuna. At least for me, her sound, her style, her lyrics are all on point and where I want to be! A Malaysian Muslima with a voice like butter and the best headwraps a girl could rock on the regular. Ohhhhhhh, she’s got IT – and if you haven’t already heard her song with Usher called “Crush” (2016), you need to give that a listen NEXT! That song is some goodness, right there! “Crush” is something lush… Hahahahaha!

However, the Yuna tune I’m featuring today – “Live Your Life” – speaks on what we all strive to do, at least during the start of a new year – live our best lives, with intention and purpose. For Ms. Lucretia King, she set out two years ago this month to live her life more fully by starting this blog and following her dream of becoming a writer. Little did she realize, she already was one – maybe not “published” in the way she thought was official or proper but published nonetheless (through notes on Facebook and lengthy emails to friends, from countless handwritten journal entries to poems, essays, and papers written for classes). It’s all about perspective.

So, to give you a fresh one for approaching your New Year’s resolutions, here’s Yuna with “Live Your Life” (2012). I mean, this chorus line alone nails it for me:

“Find your light, don’t hide from what you are. And rise before you fall, and hope for something more – live, if you really want to.”


DJ Lady Luck


DJ Lady Luck Presents… Yuna

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