And here we are again on another Wednesday…

What’s up my peopleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and happy last full week for the month of January 2017! Hope you’ve been productively tackling all those goals and resolutions and plans we all are apt to lay out for ourselves at the start of a new year.

Well, whether you’ve done your utmost or not quite yet, it’s time to take a breather, so come up for air ’cause your girl, DJ Lady Luck, is here to bring some positive energy with a message to get you through the hump and cruising into the weekend!

Stumbled upon this funk-infused UK group while tumbling down the rabbit hole of another new sound find on YouTube…imagine that!

Anyway, whenever I wanted to get groovin’ or take a mental break from the grind this month, I found myself re-listening to some old “motivational” favorites and then this new gem – Lakuta’s “Rice and Peace” (2016).  For sure, it was the first few bars of bass, drums, and brass that drew me in – but what kept me coming back for more was the powerful message in the lyrics about single parents working hard with the determination to make life happen every day for their families despite the struggles they may have to overcome in the process.

And, really, that same message translates to so many other situations and populations where it’s the strength within that keeps you going, keeps you pluggin’ away, keeps you pushing yourself to do more, be more, love more – whether for yourself or for the benefit of others, like children depending on their single parent to make it happen for them each day.

With that said, here’s to you and you and you – to all of us working for a change in our lives and the lives of others.  Here’s to “Rice and Peace.”


DJ Lady Luck


Note: If you’re curious to learn more about the band Lakuta, check out this video interview conducted by Bmusic or visit their website, where I learned that the word “lakuta” is Swahili and means “to find, meet, or share.”


DJ Lady Luck Presents…Lakuta

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