Continuing a Work, Already In Progress

Happy Chinese New Year (Spring Festival), everyone!

Let the “Year of the Rooster” begin.

As you know, a new year is often viewed as a fresh start – a time to make resolutions, clean house, set goals, reestablish ties or reconcile with others, and basically give yourself a renewed vision of what you want the future to hold for you in the days, weeks, months (and, maybe even years) to come.

But, for me, this new year feels more like a continuation of the work begun in me the latter part of last year.  For one, I created a new vision board for myself then.  Why?  A couple of reasons: 1) being, sadly, I discarded my last board [which I loved and STILL refer to via the photo I took of it for this blog] during a mid-year move across state and 2) because I was at yet another professional crossroad in life and needed to “build” a new vision, new sense of self, a new direction to help me move forward.  You could say its central theme is:

Experience Creates Vision

wp_20161116_17_42_30_proVision Board 2016/2017

For two, during the last three months of 2016, I spent a good deal of time in career reflection and exploration mode.  I conducted an in-depth survey of myself, outlining and mind mapping my talents and passions, unfinished projects and, yes, half-fulfilled dreams.  I researched job titles and descriptions based on a list of skills and interests I’d generated after multiple brainstorming sessions.  And, to top it all, I met with a career coach (actually, two) to have my résumé evaluated , work style and strengths assessed, and concerns answered.

And, for three, I made some honest revelations about my fears and self-imposed limitations – all of which boiled down to me releasing my mindset from the past, broadening my perspective to see the blessings and opportunities of the present, and getting out of my own way to let my truest future unfold.  To get started on that process, I did then what many of us do around this time of year – set resolutions.

Mine were/are simple but ambitious:

  • to think, speak/write, and act with purpose and intention,
  • to love with honesty, presence, passion, and support,
  • to live (and enjoy life) in the present, and
  • to fulfill, to my highest potential, the dream/mission (or “personal legend,” for fellow followers of Coelho’s The Alchemist) given to me by the Creator

So, what have I done thus far to change Ms. Lucretia King’s world?  

Let’s see…

To continue my “hope, let go, and pray” movement (See last post of 2016), I’ve renewed my practice of keeping a daily devotional/journaling time.  To be more “in the present” and intentional, I’ve stopped passively using social media and started actively posting and subscribing on more platforms, like Instagram and YouTube!  Also, to complement my inner “glow up,” this low-maintenance naturalista is *gasp* investing in her outer beauty again!  Moving beyond eyebrow threading and nail polishing, I’m testing out foundation and looking at online makeup tutorials – as much for fun as for function, says the woman who hasn’t used lipstick since she got caught with it on in 5th grade [Duh, I wanted to look cute for school picture day… Don’t judge!]

But, probably the greatest change of all took place when I renewed my driver’s license at the DMV after Christmas.  For the. first. time. since getting my learner’s permit so many moons ago, I chose to put on my license an address other than the one I will always consider to be my most permanent – my “home of record,” the location of the house I grew up in and still return to, my parents’ rural route address of 60+ years!

Not gonna lie – I’m still shocked by that move (way more than the makeup) but proud, nonetheless, because it represents a giant step in thought and action for me.

Of course, there’s plenty more work to be done – i.e., the book.  But it, like me, is a work already in progress.


2 thoughts on “Continuing a Work, Already In Progress

  1. Why am I just learning about that 5th grade lipstick?! Keep your eyes on the prize (goals) and stay focused on your vision. We all need to step back and re-access ourselves from time to time. I should have had a “vision board” or something at least 20 years ago, but better late than never! Congratulations my sister and you will always be my “Lulu”!


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