What’s up, what’s up, what’s up my lovely people!

Gooooooooooooood Wednesday and happy February!

It’s me, your lady DJ following up January’s intro broadcasts to the show with a beautifully sensuous song and video to kick off the new month! That’s right, it’s time to get your feelings flowing and pockets ready for 28 days of hearts, flowers, candies, chocolates, holidays and history!

I’ve got an artist that is so talented and sharp, you’ll wonder how you haven’t come across her tunes before now.  Well, the answer may be a matter of location as this songstress is based on the West Coast, for all you easterners like me.  I’m talking about Ms. Meklit Hadero, an Ethiopian-American singer, songwriter, TED speaker, and co-founder of The Nile Project (an interesting concept you will hear a bit more about in April)!

For today, sit back and enjoy this sumptuous visual interpretation of natural attractions and workplace romances.  Personally, there are two things I love about this video – 1) the appreciation it shows for natural hairstyles, in this case the “mother” of them all, the afro, and 2) the fluid choreography between the two key dancers, capturing imagination and meaning through movement.  It’s Meklit Hadero with “Kemekem (I Like Your Afro).”

Also, if you’d like to extend your lunchtime “me” time or give yourself a professional development break later on in the day, here’s the link to Meklit’s TED talk titled “The Unexpected Beauty of Everyday Sounds” – a fresh perspective on music and humanity, as experienced through nature, language, and silence.  Enjoy!


DJ Lady Luck

Note: Unless you’re versed in Amharic, you won’t really understand the song based on the lyrics, BUT I think you’ll get the point nonetheless from the video.  Or, and here’s a cultural experience bonus for the day, you can always click “Show More” in the description box to get a view of Meklit’s loosely translated lyrics to this song.


DJ Lady Luck Presents… Meklit Hadero

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