Gooooooooooooooooooooooood Wednesday, my loyal listeners!

It’s your girl, DJ Lady Luck, kicking off your March 2017 with a fresh sound for your ears AND a concert update, for those of you in NC!

This Wednesday’s featured group is a dynamic American hip hop duo of classically-trained violinists named Black Violin. And I’ve picked their tune “A Flat” (2015) for you to give a listen to and, hopefully, bob your heads to the beat.  Then, if you like what you hear, I would highly recommend following that listen with their song “Stereotypes” (2015). Along with stirring instrumentation, Black Violin provides a powerful video to match.

Their message is, of course, to not judge a person (or a person’s abilities) by their appearance. And how this duo is breaking musical stereotypes by letting kids know it’s ok to be different, to follow paths no one would expect them to, is yet another reason why I love their style.  This point made during UPROXX’s “Uncharted” video spotlighting the duo cinches it for me:

“The message is global. You know, so many children live inside of a box. And it is their goal to get them out of that box and let them know regardless of your circumstance and where you come from, that if they can do it, that any kid is capable of doing exactly what it is that they want to do and excelling and changing the game and rewriting the rules so that they’re on top.”

– Corryn Baptiste, wife of Black Violin’s Wil B.

Head’s up on the “happ’s:”

Think you might want to catch them in concert? Well, Black Violin is in the Old North State (North Carolina) later this month – the 21st and 22nd in Charlotte at Blumenthal, then the 23rd in Durham at the Carolina Theatre.  But, if you’re in the western part of the state – no worries! Just make plans to see them in Asheville at the Diana Wortham Theatre on the 25th before they head further west!

With that, peace,

DJ Lady Luck


DJ Lady Luck Presents… Black Violin

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