Goooooooooooooooooooooooood first Wednesday of April 2017, everyone!

It’s your lady DJ of luck, your girl of the world, your ear for all things musically fresh and refreshingly not overplayed on mainstream radio! Here for you, I come today bearing gifts – a double header of jazz in honor of this new month, one designated for appreciating all things jazzy!

And what artist could I possibly pull from the pool of talent that’s out there, both old and new? Why, Tarek Yamani…of course!

“Who’s that,” you ask?

Well, sit back, grab a coffee, cup of tea, or moment to yourself, and just listen to the first of two smooth tunes I’ve chosen to spotlight today. This one, called “Zarani Al Mahboub,” is sure to please… and peak your interest.

And, now that you’ve had a musical introduction, here’s a quote from The National that I feel best describes the man behind the music:

“Yamani is passionate about bringing together rhythms from different cultures, including the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and even Gregorian and classical music, reinventing them through the prism of jazz – a genre which many critics complain has been too stale in the past decade.”  

2013 article from The National

Want to learn more about this artist?

-Just click on the link above to read the rest of the article.

Want to hear more from this artist?

-Just sit back, grab another coffee, cup of tea, or moment to yourself, and                     press play for the second of two smooth tunes I’ve chosen to spotlight today!

This one called, “Muwashah Hibbi Zurni,” is sure to get your fingers tapping and creativity flowing.


And, on that last note, I wish you all the best during your start of this year’s second quarter.

For me, the more I think about it, the more excited I am for this change of season.  I feel motivated to get outside and enjoy the song of birds, the color of blooms, as well as ponder the birth (and rebirth) of babies, ideas, and hope for dreams made reality.  This newness and renewal inspires me to create free-flowing like the genre of jazz – except through words, photographs, and handicrafts.  So, create I shall!

For you, enjoy and definitely make time to create and appreciate all things jazzy!


DJ Lady Luck


DJ Lady Luck Presents…Tarek Yamani

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