DJ Lady Luck Presents… Phyno

What’ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss happening, my people of Wednesday!

It’s your girl DJ Lady Luck ushering in May 2017 with the latest tune from a Nigerian rapper I started listening to around this time three years ago.  Phyno is his name (actually, a nickname given to him in high school and derived from the word “phenomenal”) and rapping in Igbo – along with a bit of Nigerian Pidgin and English for good measure – is one of his claims to fame!

You guys know (by now, I hope) that I try to keep things fresh and flowing with positive vibes to help get you through the workweek and have a fun kickoff to the month ahead. So, after seeing this new tune “recommended” for me on YouTube last week, I gave it a listen and knew this was the way to bring in May!

“So Far So Good” is about Phyno’s desire to thank God for giving him life, and a blessed one at that.  For me, this year has been very good so far, which is why this song really speaks to how I’ve been feeling – thankful for a life blessed with family and friends, opportunity, talents/skills/education, resilience and faith.

And, no – I don’t understand Igbo to know exactly what Phyno is saying in all his songs.  But then again, you don’t have to understand all the words of a song to get its meaning, feel its spirit, or land on a deeper message. Besides – as Phyno said in an interview once:

 … one beautiful thing about music is that beside language (which is never a barrier), we can still appreciate a piece of music whenever we hear it. I can listen to a Spanish song even when I do not understand what they are saying and I will be like ‘Wow! This guy is on point.’ I listen to French songs. I do not understand French. I listen to anything as long [as] the music elements are well used.

May 8, 2014 Daily Post article

Now folks, don’t go feeling misled when you listen to this tune and not hear him rap. He’s a versatile guy who actually started off in the music industry as a producer before rapping, singing, and songwriting.

Want to get a taste of his flow? Check out Man of the Year!

And with that, I wish you an amazing May!


DJ Lady Luck



For those of you wondering – because I was when I first noticed this…

West Hunter Street Baptist Church (its facade signage seen briefly in a panning shot for the “So Far So Good” video) is a church located in Atlanta, Georgia.

So, yeah… I see you, Phyno! Building bridges, making connections, and musically linking people, places, and faith together.  LOVE it!


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