A Moment to Meditate: On a Mother’s Love, Sacrifices, Hopes, and Continual Support

Good Sunday, everyone!

Today’s post is a meditation on mothers/mother-like figures and their love, sacrifices, hopes, and continual support for those children/child-like figures in their lives.




As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to see my mother less as a parent and more as a person. Not that I no longer respect her as a mother, but that I now see her for the woman she is and had to have been to live the life she was given – one she stretched and molded for herself to suit the intellect and drive she possessed, later reshaped and boldly designed when fulfilling a few of her lifelong dreams, then ultimately settled into living when age and declining health came calling.

When a child, you see your parents as having superpowers. But, once you mature into adulthood, you start seeing them as having human-powers just like you.  It is only then that you really begin to appreciate all their love, sacrifices, hopes, and continual support poured into you with super-human strength – despite the shortcomings you display in return.

So, on this Mother’s Day, I meditate on my mother and her deep love, sacrifices, hopes, and continual support for me in spite of my many shortcomings when executing the plans she had for my life. Plans she poured all her own dreams and longings, her own learned lessons from mistakes, her readings, research, and forethought into. Not to say I haven’t risen to the occasion in achieving a few of those, but I know I could’ve done better.

But, I do recognize those moments I showed up and delivered when it counted most. This photo comes from one of those times. And, to me, it’s my favorite of her – patiently waiting in the car prior to the start of the family’s procession into church at my father’s sister’s funeral. This funeral took place around Easter a couple years ago and roughly five months after my parents traveled to Michigan to attend my mother’s sister’s funeral.

I’m not sure if it’s the expression in her eyes behind her glasses, the deep red color on her full lips, or the weird lighting my phone’s camera picked up from the car window interacting with the sunlight that day.  Whatever it is, it gives her such a sweet look it makes me forget about the disciplinarian I experienced her being as a parent and others knew her for being as a primary/middle-school teacher.

And that’s just one small piece of who she is as a woman, as seen through the eyes of another…woman.

my mother, Evelyn

Happy Mother’s Day!





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