Goooooooooooooood wonderful Wednesday before a holiday weekend, everyone!

It’s your girl, DJ Lady Luck, back on the wheels of steel to kick off the unofficial start to summer with a sweet bonus play for May!  Bringing you a message of encouragement to power through this second quarter of 2017, I’ve selected this gem by Y’akoto, another beautiful YouTube music find of mine that I think you’ll appreciate.

Not only do I love her throwback sound (similar to Amy Winehouse, yet channeling more of Billie Holiday’s phrasing and Nina Simone’s soulful lyrics), but the girl’s hair is GORGEOUS!!!  Just… ughhhhh, I’m speechless.  I mean, between Yuna’s wraps and Y’akoto’s styling… I’ve been in “creative artist” hair inspiration heaven!  Please, please refer to her videos for “Perfect Timing” or “Tobo Darling” to see what I’m talking about.

[Can you tell I have a slight hair crush on her?]

Anyway, back to the show…

The daughter of a Ghanaian father and a German mother, Y’akoto (Jennifer Yaa Akoto) was born in Hamburg, Germany and grew up in Ghana.  However, she also spent time in Cameroon, Togo, and Chad before “settling down” to create a “home” between Hamburg, Lomé, and Paris.  A wanderer between worlds, this modern-day nomad has drawn strength from a state of permanent transition, which she views as the never-ending source of her inspiration.

And, to some extent, I have felt a similar way about life in general being “a state of permanent transition” – not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally.  From one phase of growth and maturity into another, hopefully deeper, one, I believe we are challenged to take lessons learned as preparation for yet the next stage in life.  And when learning, you know practice makes perfect.

“Good, better, best

May I never rest

Until my good is better

And my better best.”

– chorus in “Good Better Best” on the album Babyblues (2012) by Y’akoto

So goes the message in her chorus for this song, and it’s one I have lived by and continue to follow along this current phase of my life’s journey.

With that said, may you also find inspiration from those words and from this song – as you meet whatever challenge you’re facing, as you learn whatever lesson you’ve been given to master.


DJ Lady Luck




DJ Lady Luck Presents… Y’akoto

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